The Maven Method

Proactive Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Training

The MAVEN Method takes a multidisciplinary approach to pain and injury to maximize your health and strength. We do this by taking the best of all methodologies to curate a customized plan unique to you.

Movement for Evaluation

Movement History

We treat the whole individual, not just the injury. By understanding your daily routines, previous injuries, physical habits, work or sports activities, and, most important, your physical goals, we develop a precise care plan tailored to all aspects of you.

Movement Today

Proficiency in movement—how the body should move for optimized recovery, health, and sports performance—is key to our work. It’s important that we, and you, understand the demands you put on your body. During your first visit and throughout your care journey, we assess your movement, strength, and range of motion, along with your gait to connect the dots between what you are feeling and the factors contributing to your injury.


As part of your ongoing assessment, we conduct comprehensive evaluations of your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues. We also address the neuromusculoskeletal system and the injuries and pains related to the nervous system—such as sciatica, carpal tunnel, radiculopathy, and nerve entrapment.

Muscle Imbalance

Work or sports injuries, chronic syndromes, and genetic conditions in the body can cause muscle imbalance in other areas of the body. We work with you to correct imbalances, so you can perform at your highest level with symmetry.

Mindset & Motivation

Our understanding of how you feel about your injury, how the injury is impacting your life, and how you picture your recovered-self is key to your treatment success. In addition to our initial conversation, we continuously check in throughout the healing process to be a source of support and encouragement as we work toward each of your physical milestones.

Movement for Treatment

Muscle Strength & Conditioning

With our skilled eye to evaluate and improve complex movement patterns for each unique injury and sport, we create a custom care plan—gradually increasing in intensity, weight, and speed—that will target your areas for strengthening and conditioning to expedite your recovery and physical success.

Motor Control & Neuromuscular Reeducation

Movement proficiency is key to meeting your physical goals. From a squat to a tennis swing to analyzing how you run, we use cues and direction to help you perfect fundamental movements so we can help you perfect more complex actions.

Manual Therapy & Mobilization

Your brain-body connection improves with hands-on work. This includes mobilization of muscles, joints, and soft tissues, and joint manipulation to increase your range of motion and decrease your pain.

Move Back into Sports

Returning you to functional life is the first goal. Reuniting you with the physical sports you love, with greater injury resistance, is our ultimate goal. We partner with you and encourage you through every step of the rehab process to get you back to it. Whatever your “it” might be.


To help bridge the gap between pain and function during your session, we incorporate modalities such as taping, Iontophoresis, and Blood Flow Restriction Training to assist with mitigating your pain to aid in movement and to promote healing.

MedBridge & Your MAVEN Care Team

We aim to eliminate gaps in your care by providing access to our therapists between appointments and outside of regular business hours. Additionally, you will have access to your customized page on MedBridge, where instructional videos will be uploaded for you so you can complete your home exercise program.


It’s imperative that we track your progress as well as any regressions you may experience. Our monitoring system allows us to constantly refine your individualized care plan.

Movement for Life


Being a better mover takes conscious effort. The lessons and tools you’ll learn about being mindful of your body will help you to stay injury resistant throughout your life.


Appreciation for your body’s ability to move through everyday activities as well as to achieve physical goals—with strength and without pain—becomes so much more meaningful.


We encourage you to keep moving and stay in motion.