The Squat: The One Exercise You Should Always Do | Maven Stories

We are always looking for that one secret weapon. The one exercise that is going to fundamentally change our workouts and deliver the results we're after. 

When it comes to strength and mobility training, that exercise is the humble squat. 

The Squat in Daily Life

The squat is a foundational and functional movement pattern that we use every day. Whether that is getting up/down from a chair, getting in/out of a car,  or getting on/off a toilet, it is part of our daily life. 

Squats for Better Sports Performance

It is also sports-specific. It's the fundamental stance, the starting point of almost every athletic movement. And it's a critical component of all sports performance. The squat trains your leg muscles, especially your hips and thighs. It challenges your core and trunk muscles, while also challenging your balance and control. 

The Best Squat Exercises

There are so many ways to modify and load a squat to make it more specific to your individual needs: 

1. You can add a resistance band to challenge your outer hip muscles and work on control/alignment of your legs.

2. You can perform while holding weights in a variety of positions:

  • Dumbbells at your side or goblet style;
  • Kettlebells;
  • Trap bar;
  • Barbell with a back or front squat

3. You can vary the rate or pace of your movement: 

  • Isometric – holding in one position;
  • Eccentric – focusing on the lowering (or negative) portion of the movement;
  • Plyometric – focusing on power and explosive movement such as turning it into a jump

4. You can make it a single-leg exercise to work on balance, control, and strength.

Getting the Right Movement

Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, the squat is an excellent exercise to improve your mobility and strength. You can do it at home, at the office, at the beach, or add it into your workout routine. If you are curious about how you can safely and properly add squats to your regimen, visit our conditioning coaching services in Santa Monica, a member of our team would be happy to help!