Modernizing Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Physical Therapy

Our experienced team guides our patients through the difficult journey of rehab—injury, pain, preventive care, pre- and post-surgical—to arrive at a place of empowerment, strength, and injury resistance. We are committed to helping you feel better, move better, and perform better through cutting-edge treatment methods, technology, and modalities. With our personalized care plans we will get you back to doing what you love!

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We are a team of athletes, and we have a deep understanding of physical goals—ascending to a mountain top, running a marathon, or getting back in the game—and the training that is necessary to reach peak performance, no matter your age. With our skilled eye to evaluate and improve complex movement patterns, we partner with you on your physical journey to build a training plan—with Strength & Conditioning, Sports-Specific Training, and Pilates—that ensures every bead of sweat is worth the effort. We’ll get you to your goal, because your success is our success!

A modern physical therapy & sports performance practice - where optimal physical health and performance is achieved through science, movement, and hyper-personalized care.

What Makes Us Unique

The MAVEN Method!

Our methodology is hyper-focused on taking the best of all Physical Therapy & Performance methodologies—strength & conditioning, movement science, manual therapy, and beyond—to create a nuanced, customized care plan that will expedite your success.

Faster Results

We deliver faster results and quicker recovery times through science-lead, high-touch, precision care.

Individualized Care

All sessions with a MAVEN team member are one-on-one. You will experience individualized care from one of our skilled practitioners during your entire appointment.

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Maven Physical Therapy is the best physical therapy I have ever experienced. I had a frozen shoulder, and I am now fully lifting again and playing with my kids.


My workouts with Maven have improved my health, my strength, my posture, and, importantly, my overall energy level.


I’ve worked with the team for many years, and they are knowledgable and sophisticated. They push your body to get better and stronger without injury.