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It's a lifestyle

We are a collective of people who believe the MAVEN Method is a lifestyle. We have recovered from injuries, achieved fitness goals, and applied the tools we have learned to stay injury-free. We are dedicated to being better, more confident movers through all of life’s activities.

Client Stories

Testimonials & Reviews for Maven Physical Therapists and strength and conditioning specialities

Henry — Former Athlete Recovered from Knee Injury and Now Enjoying Daily 3-Mile Walks
My physical therapy experience at Maven Physical Therapy & Performance was outstanding, and if a sixth star were possible to award in recognition of the service provided, I would enthusiastically do so. The sixth star is in acknowledgment of the superior service provided by Tyler Eng, who understood my knee issues immediately and who internalized my own personal goals (I am 77 years of age and a former athlete) from the get-go. Accordingly, he developed a personal plan to restore my knee to good health. I am now pain-free and enjoying my almost daily 3-mile walks with my spouse. It was a pleasure working with Tyler, who is an intelligent, highly qualified therapist and is passionate about his profession and totally dedicated to the people he serves. He is a great listener, which allows him to tap his creativity and, in partnership with his clients, identify and modify exercises to maximize efficacy and results. I enjoyed working with Tyler, who does his best to encourage clients to do their best to restore quality in their lives. Tyler Eng and Maven Physical Therapy & Performance have my highest recommendation.
Amanda — Thriving after Labral Tear, Shoulder Issues, and Lumbar Disc Surgery
I've seen Brooke Mitchell and her associates at Maven PT for various sports injuries. They helped me recover after a labral tear in my hip and get back to racing without surgery. I've also seen her for a shoulder problem, and, most important, to help me through healing from a lumbar disc surgery. They are a gifted, dedicated team. I've referred many friends and my own patients to them over the years, and everyone loves them and has a great experience. I can't recommend Maven PT highly enough . . . Thank you!!!!
Rebecca — Running After Knee Surgery
After knee surgery, my doctor told me that running again was very unlikely. Tyler was absolutely incredible and never gave up on me. Under Tyler’s watchful eye and care, I’m now a full runner again and am in the best shape of my life. Tyler and Brooke truly changed my life. I was so upset and scared that I’d never be able to run again. I almost got a surgery that would have taken me out for a year. They guided me through pre and post surgery, and I’m so grateful. The entire staff is so professional, generous, and kind and are the ABSOLUTE best at what they do. I’ve sent multiple friends there who have all had the same experience.
Bri — Recovered from ACL Surgery
I had ACL surgery last October and began PT with Tyler at Maven a week or so later. He developed a custom recovery plan, including in-therapy and at-home exercises, deftly adjusting them as we reached each milestone. Sessions are always exciting and filled with encouragement and thoughtful feedback—I truly look forward to each session!

The whole experience has been outstanding in terms of effectiveness and professionalism.

Maven is filled with bright and thoughtful staff who truly go above and beyond for their patients. Julie, the receptionist, has been the most wonderful person to correspond with. Scheduling has been a breeze, and she’s extremely patient and helpful with any billing/insurance issues that have arisen.

TLDR: Maven provides effective and personalized rehab and has the most lovely and professional staff—I would highly recommend Maven PT!
Michael — Back to 100% After Shoulder Surgery
I have been seeing the PTs and trainers at Maven - they got me through PT after shoulder reconstruction surgery, and got my mobility and strength back to 100%. Having physical therapists as trainers is the best. It keeps me in great shape and reduces the risk of injury during training down to near zero. I would strongly recommend Maven.
Christie — Two Knee Replacements and Ready to Chase After Grandchildren 
Maven the Haven is how I think of Maven Physical Therapy & Performance, which I have come to know well as a sort of sanctuary during Covid. Following two total knee replacements last year, I was introduced to Dr. Tyler Eng, Senior Physical Therapist, whom I credit with my rapid recovery. Now, in anticipation of becoming a grandmother, I’m fortunate to be able to continue seeing Tyler for strength and balance training. The gym equipment at Maven is the best out there, and the staff is exceptional, but Tyler is special. While he is committed to his practice and altogether professional, above all his imaginative approach is commendable; he keeps our sessions interesting and never totally predictable. I can unequivocally recommend Maven Physical Therapy & Performance and especially Dr. Tyler!
Ramin — Returned to High-Intensity Sports After ACL Surgery & Talus Fracture
Maven Physical Therapy is an outstanding PT and athletic training facility. I have worked with Dr. Tyler Eng, a Senior Physical Therapist and a former collegiate soccer player, to rehab two sport injuries, namely a torn ACL requiring surgical reconstruction and a talus fracture. I highly recommend Tyler for patients/athletes who want to return to high-intensity athletic activity/sports. Appointments are one hour long with direct interaction with the PT throughout the entire session. Tyler is meticulous about biomechanics of movement and excellent at identifying pathological habits and providing guidance/education on how to correct them. The facility and Tyler also have expertise in blood flow restriction (BFR), which has been integral to my rapid recovery and is now widely utilized by professional athletes in rehab. In addition to basic physical therapy, Maven has a full gym, which allows you to take the next step and train with weights, jumping, and explosive movements to help transition back to sports. I worked with many physical therapists after my ACL injury and had variable success until I found this place. I think having a PT who is a former athlete who can train you with an understanding of sports-related movements such as cutting/change of direction is critical. Finally, the supporting staff is excellent and the gym/facility is beautiful and pristine. I highly recommend this place. I have referred multiple friends and family members to Maven.
With love from the MAVEN physical therapy and performance training community in Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles area.