New Year, New Physical Goals | Maven Stories

With a New Year in full swing and 2021 behind us, what better time than now to set new physical health goals for the year ahead? Whether that is training for a marathon, incorporating a stretch or walk into your daily routine, or signing up to a yoga class, setting new goals can help keep you motivated throughout the year and help you stay on track with your health journey. 

Sometimes setting goals can be easier than achieving them. It can be tough to stay motivated when you may not have a clear direction for yourself. So, here are a few tips on how to crush your physical goals this new year and some advice to keep you motivated! 

1. Be specific about what you want to accomplish

Not all fitness journeys are the same. Being specific about what exactly it is you want to achieve will make it easier for you to stick to it. “Feeling stronger” is a good place to start but what does “strength”  look like for you and your body? And more importantly, what are the steps you will take to get there? Once you feel like you’ve crushed your first goal, set a new one that you can pursue! 

Here are some New Year fitness goals from our own team that you can use as inspiration! 

Tyler - My New Year physical goal is to set a new personal record for my barbell back squat.

Greg - My goal is to do high-intensity interval training for cardiovascular fitness two times for 30 minutes per week to improve my tennis fitness. This will include stationary biking, running, and tennis-specific drills.

Brooke - My NY Resolution is to get back on the court one time per week - whether it's tennis, pickle or paddle, whether it's singles or doubles. Tennis has brought me so much joy over the years (as well as being such a great workout) and I miss playing consistently with friends and family!

2. Break your goals into small steps, to make them more attainable

Even fit people can be ill-equipped to take on marathons! Chances are that you won’t be running a half marathon next week if you haven’t had the chance to train several weeks prior. Ensuring that your goals are realistic and in line with your current physical state can help you avoid injury. But this strategy will also help you get to your bigger, more lofty goals down the road. Perhaps running a half marathon isn’t attainable right now but breaking that out into small 30 minutes runs can be a good place to start. We like to suggest a start-small, think-big attitude. 

3. Be in it for the long run 

We want you in this for the long run! A long-term goal will help you imagine your new fitness routine as a lifestyle change, rather than a short-term win. Transforming your fitness overnight is just unrealistic, and our aim is to help you see this as a long-term commitment with big rewards – more mental and physical wellbeing. 

4. Understand your ‘Why’ 

Some people work out for more energy and others to break their own personal records. 

Our PT, Anna, is using her new year's fitness routine to take a minute to herself and as an excuse to get outside and explore: 

My goal is to engage in at least 1 outdoor activity per week where I can also be free of electronics/social media such as going on a hike, having a beach day, finding a new rock climbing destination, having a picnic in the park, visiting a botanical garden, or visiting a national park.” 

Whether you want to break your own personal record or have more energy throughout the day, understanding the motivation behind why will also help you understand your own fitness journey and what gets your body moving. If you need support to ease you back into regular physical activity due to an old or existing injury, get in touch with our Santa Monica physical therapy services team today. We can help you reunite with the sports you love, work out the stress of a chronic syndrome or old injury, and even correct your imbalances to help you perform at your peak this year.  

 Our physical therapists want to help you approach your new year's resolution confidently and comfortably. 

We can’t wait to see you crush all the fitness goals you’ve set for 2022!