The Importance of Home Exercise Programs

It's important to be equipped with the tools needed to independently keep motivated on both strength and recovery journeys. As a client of a physical therapy and performance clinic, equipment and expertise are readily available. However, training shouldn’t stop in between visits. Home exercise programs allow therapists to provide clients with the ability to train from anywhere without equipment.

What are Home Exercise Programs?

Home Exercise Programs (HEPs) are exercises prescribed by Physical Therapists or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists for clients to do at home. Each HEP is designed specifically for clients to continue their in-studio training and care in between sessions. The programs are designed to help both physical therapy and performance clients maintain and improve their functional movement goals.

Each home exercise program is designed to target a specific area of the body with the intent of improved mobility, strength, and pain reduction. The programs typically range from 10-20 minutes per day, are client specific and vary depending on the client’s need at that time.

The importance of completing take-home exercise programs

Providing HEPs for clients is one of the most important aspects of physical therapy and performance training. These programs include strength, mobility, and motor control exercises specifically chosen to address the areas of greatest benefit for each client. 

At Maven, we believe that completing prescribed HEPs will help patients to:

  • Build long-term body strength, mobility, and stability
  • Prevent, reduce and/or eliminate pain
  • Lower chances of re-injury and flare-ups
  • Overcome immobility and pain from injury 
  • Increase their ranges of motion and flexibility

Overall, home exercise programs help patients heal faster. Clients who adhere to HEPs also show a greater increase in physical function. And, we have an app that makes sticking to HEPs easier than ever. 

MedBridge: Maven’s electronic home exercise program app.

MedBridge, is Maven’s electronic home exercise program app. The app allows clients to access their prescribed HEPs and view photos, detailed descriptions and videos of each exercise. The app also shows the number of required exercise repetitions or allotted time required for strength and program success.

At Maven, we provide each client with targeted programs on MedBridge to do on their own. Each program is designed to keep patients engaged and motivated in their therapy. The app allows therapists to create programs tailored to each client's needs and address specific concerns. 

Consistency is key 

Consistency with home exercise programs greatly increases the speed of recovery from injury, as consistent movement throughout the week is important to maximize the progress made in weekly sessions. Each client’s home exercise program is assessed and re-evaluated based on the individual's recovery/improvement at each session.

All clients are given an exercise program to continue between visits and/or after their treatment with Maven. These programs often include strength, mobility, and motor control exercises specifically chosen to address the areas of greatest benefit. Consistency is the key to successful recovery.

Looking for Physical therapists near Santa Monica? At Maven, we believe that providing home exercise programs is an essential component of the recovery routine. We create HEPs that target individual patients’ movement and therapy goals while keeping their current and highest mobility, strength, and motor control in mind. 

Contact us to set up an appointment and get your own, personalized home exercise program.