The Maven Team

Shilpa Mysoor

Shilpa is a certified Pilates instructor and health enthusiast who is passionate about all things fitness. Though she has participated in a wide variety of workout regimens, including Spin, isometric exercises, yoga, high-intensity interval training, full-body weight lifting, and even training for a marathon, her true love is Pilates.

In her teachings, Shilpa uses an array of techniques and tools, including BOSU balance training, the Reformer, TRX, Cadillac, Exo Chair, mat, and springboards to deliver a comprehensive workout focused on building strength, balance, and flexibility. Moreover, she creates a growth mindset environment for clients to reach their maximum potential. Her classes are energetic, dynamic, and fun and offer a challenging full-body workout for people of all ages. She consistently receives the highest marks from her clients and peers.

Prior to finding her love of teaching Pilates, she cofounded SteelBeeGreen, an environmentally conscious consumer products company. Before that, she worked in marketing and public relations for both corporate and nonprofit organizations.

In her free time, Shilpa enjoys skiing, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with her family.