The Maven Team

Kyle Sandgate-Blix

Kyle is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. He began his fitness journey in high school, where he played football and participated in cross country and track and field. Having worked with great trainers in high school, his quest for knowledge and growth in the gym evolved into a full-blown passion for sharing fitness with others and helping people to develop better relationships with their bodies. His passion for the arts started at a young age and continued through college at Loyola University in Chicago, where he earned a BA in Theatre.

After college Kyle turned his sights toward a career in the fitness industry, becoming ACE certified in personal training, along with specialty certifications in youth fitness, sports and conditioning, and fitness nutrition.

As both a group fitness instructor and a one-on-one coach, Kyle personalizes his approach with each client and aims to create an atmosphere that is both fun and therapeutic. He combines classic strength-training methods with yoga- and Pilates-inspired movements to create a balanced and stronger body from head to toe. Kyle has extensive experience with people of all backgrounds, from youth athletes who need injury-prevention training  and sports-specific movements to veteran lifters seeking to gain muscle and strength. In addition to conventional training, he seeks to create a holistic system with each client that includes nutritional, lifestyle, and recovery strategies tailored to their specific goals.  

Kyle was born and raised in Chicago and enjoys filmmaking, gaming, staying active, and playing bass guitar.